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(12) Cellulite Abatements and (6) Parafango Slimming Treatments

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This is our most demanded package!  When I talk about the results, I sound like I’m doing a live info-mercial!  But, the results are that good!  This package is for those who are serious about their fat loss and want a full body makeover, in a very limited time!

This is the package that most military clients choose, in that it yields the best fat loss results, for the money!  This is 18 slimming treatments, for just $748.  This equates to just $41.55 per treatment!  With this package, a Parafango Slimming treatment is performed immediately following any six of your Cellulite Abatement treatments.

It is vital when choosing this package, that you consume 126 ounces of water, daily.  Even on those days you are not having a treatment done.

Also, if anyone ever tells you that that ALL you need to do is their treatment for best fat loss results, than RUN!  You MUST get or stay active, eat nutritionally balanced meals, drink water, and get enough rest, while going through ANY slimming treatments.