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Too busy to hit the gym?

Need extra motivation and push?

Have you been working out, with limited results?

Do you want unlimited access to a Licensed Personal Trainer?

For those of you who have decided to take advantage of this affordable, effective, personalized program – CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve taken that first step – that most difficult step – toward a more beautiful, healthier body you so deserve! You’ve decided to ‘take a stand’ against a most formidable opponent – fat!

Hello! My name is Julie, and I would like to personally welcome you to our online training program! I’ll be your personal trainer, and I am extremely dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals, through proper training, form, and nutrition. Whether your goal is to shed unwanted body fat, or to pack on lean volumized muscle, or to just feel better, this program works! You’ve taken that first step — now, let’s finish together!

We’ll be working closely together via email and/or telephone, and now also have an option to communicate via our new and private Young at Heart – Online Fitness Coaching group on facebook.

To maximize your fitness results, I’ll be providing on-going assistance, in four vital areas:

  • Resistance Training:  Your actual weight training program.
  • Cosmetic Training:  Those “look good” areas, such as abs, inner-outer thighs, calves, and gluteus maximus.
  • Cardiovascular Endurance Training:  Oh yes, this must be done!
  • Nutrition:  It’s more about WHEN you eat, than WHAT you eat!

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This is not one of those sites where you sit in front of your computer and watch little pictures of people performing exercises! Weight training is not a spectator sport! This is a tough program, as it should be, but every exercise and movement you do will be based on YOUR fitness level, YOUR desired weight loss or weight gain, YOUR schedule, and YOUR exercise equipment availability. We will discuss these areas in depth, once you are registered.  This will allow me to design your specific, customized program.

I should probably also tell you, if you are looking for a nutritional program that promotes dieting, than this program is NOT for you! Making the right nutritional choices, more often, coupled with a correct exercise regimen, is the only way to permanently reduce body fat! Diets do not work, in that they involve deprivation and unnatural eating patterns that cannot be sustained over time.

What is the number one benefit to this program? l hold you accountable! Just as I do with my on-site training clients. Accountability truly is the key! Research shows, 82% of those who attempt a fitness program, on their own, quit within the first 40 days!

la phys.fitness 2 300x300 Online Training If you are serious about attaining your fitness goals, you’re in the right place. You need to realize that it took more than 30 days to get out of shape, and yes, it will take more than 30 days to get back into shape! You need to be fervent in your pursuit, and know that NOTHING on this earth will deter you from attaining your goals! If you can honestly say this applies to you, than read on!

There are currently two MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES to choose from:



Both packages equate to just $39.95 per month!  YES!  $39.95 per month!

For those who are VERY serious about attaining your fitness goals, and have decided to commit to the SIX MONTH GOLD MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE, you will also receive, at no additional cost, a 30-day supply of pure whey isolate protein mix!  That’s 60 meals!  It’s super for fat loss, muscle retention, cardio endurance, and post-muscle soreness!   It’s an all-natural product, and a MUST for anyone who works out on a regular basis!  It’s an a-plus rating supplement, and it tastes great!  And, with this membership, you will also receive a Nutrition Guide and $10 gift certificate that you can use toward any of our products or services!

Once registered, and regardless of which membership package you choose,  I’ll send you, via email, my “DROP FAT NOW:  In-Home Training Program” eBook (a $9.95 value, FREE).  This is the heart of your workout program!  It explains how often you’ll be working out, how long your workouts will be, and it will provide pictures of your exercises, with corresponding workout logs, and so much more!  You can also print this off and carry it with you, in the event you are working out at a local gym.  I’ll also send you a link and invite to our exclusive facebook  group.  Not on facebook?  No worries.  I’ll help you get set up at time of registration, or we can simply communicate through email and by phone, only.

Once you’ve read your eBook, drop me a quick email, and we will begin designing your first weeks’ training program!

Very simple, right?  From there, we’ll be communicating weekly regarding your progressive training sessions and nutritional habits.

Online Personal Training
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Just one more thing, as an online training client, we offer a great REFERRAL PROGRAM.  Refer a friend, particularly one you plan on working out with, and receive a $10 gift certificate toward any of our products or services!   Refer ten friends, and receive ten $10 gift certificates – that’s $100 in referral certificates!

Well, from here, the FUN begins! Men, you will see changes at your first workout! Ladies, it will take about two to three weeks before you begin seeing changes (it’s that testosterone thing)! YOU CAN DO THIS! And, I’ll be there to share your excitement, and to guide you, every step of the way! I’m looking forward to working with you!

Let’s go! Sign up, today!