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There is NO Better Way to Get in Shape!

Personal Training is the #1 growing business in the United States … and for good reason!  It’s very tough doing it, alone!

So why do it alone?

Downstairs Three 300x200 Personal TrainingAt Young at Heart Personal Fitness Training, we have monthly training packages, wherein you train three times a week, for just $300 per month!  Or, you have the option to train by the session, at $40 per session. We do require that you sign for (3) sessions, at a minimum, and that is for your benefit.

At Young at Heart, your entire program is developed by a licensed, experienced trainer! We don’t just show you the equipment, and send you on your way! We don’t even answer the phone, when training clients! Every exercise is demonstrated for you, the weights are placed directly in front of you, we ensure your form is correct, and that you know how many repetitions and sets you will be performing.  And, of course, we continually motivate you, through your entire session!

Our personal fitness clients range from age 9 to 82.  Roughly 50% of our clients are male, and nearly 50% are active-duty military.

Each session is .50 minutes in duration, and we highly recommend three training sessions, per week, for best results.

Contact us today, for a tour of the facility, or to simply talk to a licensed trainer about your existing program!

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