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Beauty Spas
Beauty Spas

What we found here at our La Physique’ Slimming Spas, is as clients lose weight and tone up, they begin to want to improve or touch up other parts of their body. This is fantastic! It shows us that they are feeling good about themselves, and their body!

So, with that, we decided to add a few beauty and esthetic treatments to our menu of services.

Countless hours went into deciding which beauty and esthetic treatments to offer! MANY of the treatments we decided on are NOT offered anywhere in Missouri, as far as we can tell. We pride ourselves on being unique, and offering those treatments that our clients would otherwise not be offered the opportunity to have.

For example, our Bio-Stim Micro-Needle spas for Anti-Aging, Acne, and Stretch Marks, is a very unique treatment, and not offered in this area, anywhere. And, our Oscillating Relaxation Therapy treatment, which clients say feels better than conventional massages, is also unheard of, in this area.

Please enjoy reading about each treatment, and learning what the benefits are.