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Why Us?

We are passionate about what we do

… and our unique spa services are gaining popular momentum!

We offer FDA approved slimming and esthetic spas, along with personal fitness training, which provides you with an incredible edge when reaching your fitness goals.

Downstairs One3 Why Us?

I’d like to take this time to welcome you to our website.  My name is Julie Johnson, and I’m a licensed Personal Trainer, Youth Fitness Trainer, Sports Specificity Trainer, and Sports Nutritionist. I’m also former military, and a Master Fitness Trainer, for the U.S. Army.  I greatly enjoy writing fitness and nutrition guides and eBooks, and love meeting new people, via fitness and keynote seminars and speaking engagements.

La Physique PARAFANGO 04 300x113 Why Us?At the La Physique’ Slimming Spas, and Young at Heart Personal Fitness Training, we challenge the conventional methods of attaining fitness, and continually strive to introduce innovative spas and training modalities, rarely seen in our community.

We enjoy what we do, and cannot fathom the idea of doing something else!

We are free-thinking, hard-working, and we laugh, often!

We are ‘changing lives one inch at a time.’  And, we can change YOURS, if you have the desire, motivation, and drive, to do so.  We are hear to help you, and you need to know that you are not alone in your journey, but YOU must take that first step.  Contact us, today!

Downstairs Three Why Us?


We believe in change. We believe in team work. We believe that a person can attain any fitness level, if they have the desire to do so. We believe in the power of positive thinking. We believe in God. We believe in you. We believe in ourselves.


We do not believe a person can drop 30 pounds in 1 week. We do not believe there is a ‘magic pill’ out there. We do not believe in 15 minute workouts. We do not believe in “dieting.” We do not believe in ‘going it alone.’ We do not believe in giving up!


To enhance the lives of those we come in contact with. To listen to our clients. To make a difference, yes, that’s it, to make a difference.