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GOOD FAMILY EXPERIENCE:  We trained with Julie for nearly 3 years with our two teenagers. We saw results almost immediately and continued thereafter.  She’s very good at motivating and sculpting clients.  Definitely a 5-star experience!

Response:  Hi all of you … miss you all!  Thanks so much for the great review!  Wow!  It really is great to hear from you!  Keeping up your workouts, right?  Thanks for visiting my website.  Call anytime, if you need some motivation!

Paterson Family | Dixon, MO
WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW: Absolutely fantastic: Julie does a great job of motivating. My wife and I started about four weeks ago doing the cellulite abatement and were skeptical at first. Julie makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and the treatments are great. Although we haven’t started training with Julie, she has motivated us to do some at home and is always encouraging us to work hard. We have signed up for another set of spas and have scheduled a “boot camp.” We highly recommend La Physique.

Response:  Hello, you two!  Thank you so much for the wonderful review!  I can’t wait for your Boot Camp!  You will LOVE it!  And, you are both looking so great.  Thanks for signing for another 12 cellulite abatements.  You are well on your way to attaining any and all fitness goals!  I’m very proud of both of you.  I love working with both of you, and you make my job so much easier with your enthusiasm and motivation.

Dave and Elfie Sirett | Dixon, MO.
JULIE IS AWESOME: I just finished my first week with Julie.  I rebelled at almost every exercise she had me do and I told her “No way, I can’t do that.”   But, she encouraged me and pushed me, as a personal trainer should, into doing my best.  I have joined other fitness centers with personal trainers and have been very discouraged with them, but Julie is awesome in her encouragement and ability to make you live up to your potential.  I have quit  complaining and started saying OKAY.  I am excited to see what I can do next!  Thanks Julie! J

Response:  Hi Deborah, and thanks for the review!  You are doing absolutely fantastic!  That CAN DO attitude typically takes some time to develop, but you jumped right in!  I’m very proud of you, and you are a joy to work!  Thanks again, Deborah!

Deborah Lynch | St. Robert, MO
CELLULITE ABATEMENT: I just started the cellulite abatements, at La Physique.’  I love it!  On my first session, I lost over 6 inches!  I’m getting ready for my cruise and this is the perfect thing before I go.  I’m also going to start training with Julie, this week.  I’m very excited.  I love Julie’s energy!

Merchant Response:  Hi Danielle, thanks so much for the review!  You are doing so well on your abatements!  Cool, aren’t they?  Instant, measurable fat loss!   You will be sooooo ready for your cruise.  I’m very happy that you have decided to start personal training here, too.  Your results will be 300% faster, when combining spas with training.  I’m very proud of you, Danielle.

Danielle J. | St. Robert, MO
PERSONAL TRAINING: I started just 3 weeks ago, and I have to say the amount of personal one on one time has definitely made a difference!  I had been trying to go at it alone and thank God I decided to come in for some expert advice in what I needed to do to reshape my body.  The atmosphere is great and Julie makes sure you do the specific exercises you need to see fast results!  And, the spa treatments, afterwards, cellulite abatement, after a demanding workout, we get to relax and enjoy a treatment.  This is well worth the time and money, even though sometimes I feel like I don’t want to wake up early to fit the workout in before I go to work.  After my workout, I’m glad I did!  It gives you the energy to go about the rest of your day and to better deal with a demanding job!  At times, it may feel like I won’t ever finish my abs routine, but Julie is driven to push me to the fullest so that I get the best results possible.  If you want results, and a great workout, you need to visit this training center.

Response:  Hi Cipriana, how are you feeling?  Sore?  Thanks for the great review!  I greatly appreciate it!  I can’t believe the changes in you, already!  You are going to look incredible!   And, yes, 0500 comes early!  You and your husband are great additions to Young at Heart, and are both doing great!  Keep it up!  Again, thanks for the review!

Cipriana Pena | Fort Leonard Wood, MO.
TRAINING: I have been working out with Julie since May 1 and have been loving it.  Julie is great, professional and really cares about her clients. I have so much more energy and am feeling great.

Response: "Hey Lisa! And, you work so hard in here! You are a wonderful client, and so motivated! I love training you! You are looking wonderful, and the best is yet to come! Keep it up and continue to stay goal-oriented.  I'm very proud of you!

Lisa Ellis | Richland, MO
TRAINING W/ JULIE: Yesterday was the first time I had done training with Julie and man, she kicked my butt! She pushed me really hard and I don’t think I could have finished my sets without that. She is an excellent trainer and so fun to work with. Training is really hard work but it is so worth it! I felt so good about myself after we were all done and on top of that we all had a good time.

Response: "Hi Amanda ... hope I didn't hit you too hard so that you could not work our cellulite abatement clients! LOL! You did fantastic! You are very strong ... no wonder clients rave about your massages! Great job, Amanda! You are such a great addition to Young at Heart and La Physique.' Welcome aboard!'

Amanda Stafford | Lebanon, MO

Life Changing: My husband and I just completed our first series of 12 spas and 6 weeks of training. It has been awesome! Not only have we both gained strength and muscles we aslo lost several inches. As a result we just naturally have started eating better. This has been a great experience and we just signed up for our second set of spas! Great job Julie and Amanda. June 04, 2010 by

Response: Hi Sandra and Robert. Thanks so much for writing such a wonderful review! I will be taping you in about 30 minutes! YEAH! I can't wait to see the number of inches lost. You two are doing so well, and now you've joined us as personal training clients, too. You are going to look incredible! I love it. Thanks again.

Sandra & Robert Roper | Waynesville, MO
Personal Training: Hey Julie. I should have listened to you ten years ago. I feel great. You are a tough task master, but after neglecting my Physical conditioning for so long I deserve every muscloe ache I get. I appreciate so much what you are doing for Clara and I. I am already feeling the surge in strength and energy. I am looking forward to workout number three this evening. Folks, If you are tired of being tired and tired of the way you look, call Young at heart/La Physique, talk to Julie or Amanda and start training. It will add years to your life and make you feel good about yourself again!

Response:   Hello Don and Clara! Thanks for the raving review! Yes, once your out of the Army, it's fairly easy to let it go! LOL! Glad you are with us, too! You look smashing! I love it! You two are working so hard, and now training, to boot. You can achieve any goal --- you just have to DO IT! I'm so glad you are feeling better, as well.

Don Tyson, US Army Retired |Waynesville, MO
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