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SLIMMING SPAS Slimming Spa Packages
Slimming Spa Packages

Super Slimming Spa Package:  $699

(12) Cellulite Abatements, (12) Parafango Mud Wraps, (12) Sauna Soaks

This is our most popular package!  To attain PERMANENT fat loss, the FDA states (12) treatments are necessary, followed by a lifestyle of continued activity and healthy eating.

This package price, per treatment, is less than the cost of a conventional massage, or dinner for two! Currently, our slimming clients range in age from 13 to 82.  Approximately 71% are male, and approximately 82% are active-duty military members.

At your very first treatment, expect to drop approximately 2% body fat, or a combined total of 6 – 8 inches of body fat.  You will be taped prior to your first treatment, and again at completion of your first treatment.  Males are taped on three separate areas of their abdomen; while females are taped on three separate areas of their abdomen, across their hips, and upper thigh of each leg.

Although you will see the difference in your measurements, and in the mirror, upon completion of your first treatment, the most dramatic results begin at about the third or fourth treatment.  That’s because your body, after a few treatments, has learned to drain your lymph nodes at a more dramatic rate.  Also, most who were NOT active prior to starting the treatments usually get active within the first few treatments because they can SEE visible results and want to get the most they can from each treatment.

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After 12 treatments, the combined body fat decrease is approximately 7% to 9% body fat, and approximately 20 inches of body fat, over the areas measured.

The results will vary, depending on your activity level, and degree of your healthy lifestyle.  You must get active, eat healthy, and drink your water, for best results.

Other Slimming Spa Packages:

(6) Cellulite Abatements, (6) Parafango Mud Wraps, (6) Sauna Soaks:  $499

(3) Cellulite Abatements, (3) Parafango Mud Wraps, (3) Sauna Soaks:  $299

Any package less than (12) treatments is not FDA approved for permanent fat loss.  However, the results from these smaller packages will remain for approximately 10 days, following their completion.  With the 6-6 Package, you can expect to drop approximately 4% body fat, and with the 3-3 Package, approximately 2% – 3% body fat.