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Breakfast – The Day’s Most Important Meal

Why is it important to eat breakfast?

plum good breakfast oatmeal Breakfast   The Days Most Important Meal 1.  Skipping breakfast makes you hungrier and more likely to grab a high-calorie, more fatty snack mid-morning.

2.  A nutritional boost first thing in the morning gets you energized, and kicks your metabolism into gear, thereby burning more body fat, all day.

3.  Skipping breakfast is linked to other lifestyle factors, such as smoking, infrequent exercise, and dieting.

4.  Scientific evidence suggests that eating breakfast, regularly, can help reduce health risk factors for becoming overweight or obese, coronary heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.

5.  Those who skip meals maintain 10% more body fat, than those who eat breakfast on a regular basis.

So, get up and eat your breakfast!  High protein and high carbohydrates in the morning is a must!