Tagnetic Health

Four Hour Boot Camp

Yes!  A challenging four hours – but the results are fantastic!  This program is great for those who are unable to commit to three times a week, or for those who want even faster results and who train three times a week, already!

This program is self-paced, which makes it effective for any person, of any age.  It involves four hours of light weight training, and high repetitions.  It focuses on ALL body parts, and begins with a .40 minute abdominal work out.  It is broke down by the push-pull method, and focuses on bicep / tricep, back / chest, and legs / shoulders.

At the top of each our, we have a ten minute break, and at the half way mark, a 15 minute break.  We have healthy food, snacks, and water available, and encourage attendees to eat and drink water to enhance their training results.

It’s fun!  It really is!  And it goes by quickly!  Really, it does!

At this time, we do the boot camps on Sunday mornings, from 6:00 am to 10:00 am.

The cost is $125 per boot camp, or you have the option of purchasing three boot camps, at $375, and receiving your fourth boot camp absolutely FREE.